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Northern Nevada Football Officials Association - for the love of the game

The NNFOA currently has about 80 members. We welcome adults of all ages who share our passion and love of the game of football to join us! Please click the button below to apply.

Are you getting ready for the season?? Mentally? Physically? Ask yourself what you could do that you didn't do last year. Do you have an off season training regimen? Not just for football but overall health? Games are less than 2 months away!

UPDATE (June 5): NIAA Board of Control approves significant game fee increase for 2024 season.

Check further details on the Game Fees page

Membership Social Wed Jun 26, 6pm

Come get your 2024 rulebooks, the 2024 Study Guide, pay your dues, enjoy food and drink as we officially kickoff the 2024 season!

1st Week of 2024 Season: August 16