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Information for New Officials (Rookies and Transfers)

NNFOA Commissioner Tony Kiriluk, President Mark Jacoby, and the entire Executive Board welcome you! We are dedicated to making your officiating experience as fun and rewarding as possible. Do not hesitate to contact any of us if you have any questions. You can find contact information by simply clicking on someone's picture on the NNFOA Leadership page.

Please make plans to attend the Rookie Social on May 15 at Little Waldorf 7pm. All NNFOA Dates are listed under the "Home" tab on this website. At this event you will meet NNFOA leadership and crew chiefs, as well as other officials. You can pay your dues, get study materials (we've already ordered 2024 Rulebooks and Casebooks and hopefully will have them by then), and ask any questions you may have. Update: rulebooks will hopefully arrive by the general membership social on Jun 26. 

Crew Chiefs typically start hosting rules and mechanics study sessions in late June up until the season begins in mid-August. This is a great way to dive into the rules with fellow officials. Go to the Training tab and 2024 Study Sessions for details. Each new official will be assigned to a crew. Transferring officials from outside associations are typically drafted into a crew at the Preseason Clinic. 

We will be holding one on field training session on Jun 15 at Manogue HS. We will be training in basic fundamentals of officiating mechanics. This will put you on the path to a successful first season in the NNFOA. 

Try to attend as many of our pre season 1 hour zoom meetings if possible. While not required, this is supplemental training that will help you build your skills. Dates are listed in the NNFOA Dates page.

New Rookie Zoom added July 31 7-8:30pm. Bring any questions you have and we will go over some game video to help you in your first game assignments. Go to the Dates page for the zoom link.

If possible, attend our NNFOA Preseason clinic Aug 2-4. Plans are being finalized and we will have more info here soon. This is not required of rookies but it is definitely encouraged. Friday the 2nd is a golf tournament and socialization. The main clinic is Saturday 3rd, and there is a half day on Sunday 4th. It is typically over by noon on Sunday. 

NIAA registration: You will need to register as an official with the NIAA and pay a fee and background check (cost is typically about $45 total) which includes insurance coverage for you when doing officiating duties, and take the state test to qualify as an official. Passing score is 70%, as many attempts to pass as you need to, and it's open book. This isn't open until July 1 for the 2024 season. This will need to be completed before you can be assigned any games.

DUES: To join the NNFOA, each member pays dues annually of $35. This covers several expenses incurred by the Association (renting meeting rooms, paying for food at social events, website, etc.)

Once your dues are paid, you will be added to our Arbiter account and you will need to register at (no cost), which is how you will be notified of game assignments. It is also the vehicle through which you are paid for HS games. (Pay dates are typically every 3-4 weeks or so for games worked up to that point). Contact Secretary Chris Whitbeck or Treasurer Rocky Polito. You can access contact info on the Leadership page.

HUDL: is a video sharing service the NNFOA and most high school teams use. You will be added to the NNFOA's account by our Instructional Chair Steve Rohwer. If you haven't received a Hudl invitation, please email him. Once you get the invitation, you will be instructed to create your own username and password to have access to game video. Aside from field experience, watching game video is the best way to improve your officiating skills quickly. 

UNIFORMS: You will need to acquire a uniform. It is suggested you do this as early as possible and no later than mid July.  Most online vendors sell a "starter" kit that will include most of what you'll need, Cost is about $200. Get 2" stripes (the most common). Search "football official uniforms" on you web browser. Temps in our area can get cool in the late fall, it is suggested to add a long sleeve shirt to your kit. All officials working a game must be dressed alike. Some vendors offer hemming of the pants too (for a nominal fee-worth the expense). You will need shoes also, all black or mostly black (minimal white ok), and a bag or small suitcase to put your gear in. If you have any questions about uniforms, ask someone on the Leadership page.

GAME ASSIGNMENTS: Expect that you will be assigned to freshman and possibly JV games your first year or two as you learn the craft (good news: pay for subvarsity games increased by 40% over last year!). Most but not all assignments will be at the wing position (line of scrimmage). Officials are assigned varsity games as they demonstrate the skills necessary to work games with the older, and faster, athletes. 

We encourage new officials to work youth games if they can. Youth games are not assigned by the NNFOA, but we will put you in touch with contacts for both youth leagues in the area. Youth games are a great way to learn the basics of officiating and get needed field experience. Youth games typically occur on Saturdays. We have created a Pop Warner page on this website for your convenience.

NEVADA FOOTBALL MANUAL: All officials in the state of Nevada use mechanics outlined in the Nevada Football Manual. There is a link to the manual on this website on the Training Page. Start with the General Mechanics section then the 5 and 4 Officials Mechanics sections.

Transferring Officials: Welcome, and we're glad you have decided to continue your officiating journey with us! We think you will find the NNFOA is dedicated to training and having a standard of officiating excellence you can be proud of. Please copy and paste the link to the Nevada State Football Manual on the Training page to learn and review our mechanics. Assignments will be commeasurate with your skill level once you are evaluated by your Crew Chief. 

Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! You have joined a select group of individuals who have the mental fortitude and discipline to do what 99.99% of others won't do--officiate high school sports. Enjoy your success and a circle of lifetime friends, and welcome to the NNFOA.