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Game Fees

Game fees for 2023

Varsity: $73.50

JV/frosh: $53

Playoff contests +$5 State Championship +$10

Youth: varies by league. The NNFOA does not officially assign/sanction youth games. Contact assignors Chris Whitbeck (Pop Warner) and Doug Stockton (SYFL) who are NNFOA members for more info. NNFOA members are not discouraged from working youth games, but are expected to prioritize HS games over youth assignments.

Travel fees for 2023

Travel fees for games worked outside of area of residence:

Driver: $0.655 per mile

Passenger: $0.24 per mile

State Championship contests held in Las Vegas: NIAA pays for air travel+1 night hotel stay+crew rental car.

For games out of town (Reno/Sparks), it is expected that the crew will carpool whenever possible to reduce the financial burden on schools.