Become a Football Official
Physical Training

Agility Drills for Football Officials

Don't just get in shape, get in "football shape". This 6 minute video details some of the unique movements we must make on the field as officials. Making these drills part of your off season training program will get you better prepared for the season this August.

How Do You Prepare for the Season? A game?

Football Officiating is physical. Like it or not, players, fans, coaches instantly "size you up" on your physical appearance. We all come in different sizes and shapes, and our ages span from being in our 20s to some of us in our 70s. What is "in shape" for you may be a very different standard for someone else.  

Nevertheless, as officials we owe it to ourselves, our crewmates, and the players, coaches, and fans to strive to be in decent or even good physical condition. When it comes time to put the stripes back on in late summer and fall, will you be ready? 

As we age we lose our quickness and flexibility. Agility training and stretching should be part of your training regimen. Also, don't forget to hydrate!